Taking a break for a bit

2017-09-23 16:53:34 by Louisetheanimator

Hey guys, I've decided that because I need to catch up with uploading my old stuff on the web like my animations & artwork that should of been there a while ago that I'd do some harder-than-ever studying without so much uploading new things to my sites as that'll come later by the 12th October 2017 when I've studied what I wanted and come up with my new and improved ideas which'll be good. ^^ I hope you guys understand that because I don't like the idea of showing you lot my old stuff when I could be showing you my new things that are much better. Well bye for now then.


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2017-09-23 17:40:47

Just take your time and good luck with studying ;)
i hope it will give you more inspiration for your future work ^_^
anyway good luck with everything.

Louisetheanimator responds:

Thanks. ^^


2017-09-24 01:25:56

No worries hun, it's called priorities and you do things as you want or need to. :) Sometimes a break is all anyone needs to refresh the mind ;) Good luck hun :D

Louisetheanimator responds:

I'm glad thanks.