My new techniques

2017-09-02 02:18:20 by Louisetheanimator

So while I've been at my grandma's house I've had tons of different ideas for my new techniques with animations that I plan to do. I've learned to do a handwritten title effect, fish eye lens, shattering images, telephone voices and lots of other things all done on After Effects and Premiere Pro which I'm quite pleased with and will show in my future animations. I remember some of the effects they did in animes like Yugioh, Pokémon and Digimon that I found interesting like duel monsters shattering when they've been defeated in battle or voices that sound like they're on the telephone that I've heard in other shows. Anyway I've also done a cut out animation based on this tutorial: which really helped in an animation I worked on though I won't show in on Newgrounds as I'm worried it'll get removed because of how short and simple it is. Still, it's a start. Well bye for now! ^^


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