My new plan

2017-08-16 10:55:26 by Louisetheanimator

I've been planning my new stop motion animation by linking the equipments I'll be needing for my set like the camera, software and laptop to my dad so he'll be looking at the cheapest options to settle with then I can start doing my stop motion again like I used to. I've also planned every Wednesday to have pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup which I'm excited about now that my chrones disease is more under control.


So now I've just been to Sackwell Farm to make friends with the animals as the sheep were quite social but the pigs smelt fowl still I enjoyed myself. I'm relaxing now and admiring my new Ranking Status which is now Safety Patrol. ^^ I hope you guys liked my Sazae-oni speedpaint as I've worked hard on that artwork. Well bye for now mates.


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