Things are brilliant!

2017-07-29 04:15:12 by Louisetheanimator

So the other day I got 2nd place for daily feature for my showreel of 2017 the other day at Newgrounds and now I've leveled up in ranking too so now I'm ranked as a scout! Woohoo! I feel so pleased that I'm helping the community here on my favorite website by deciding which videos are appropriate or not and it makes me feel good instead of playing games which are mostly pointless. ^^ Anyway I heard the other day that the software Adobe Flash is becoming obsolete. I probably need to result to using Toon Boom Harmony instead because of how I work in 2D. Not very convenient is it? Anyway that's all for now because me and dad are going to see a football match in his home town Sunderland. Bye for now then.


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