I went to the beach!

2017-07-26 15:03:55 by Louisetheanimator

So I went to the beach with my parents, my mum's dog Lily and some friends of ours where me dad and mum looked at the caravan park in Hunstanton. It looked absolutely amazing! I loved the look of the whole place where you can go swimming, gym, resturant and lounge. After that some of us had ice cream and went to the Sea Life Centre where we touched crabs, starfish and bearded dragons we learned lots from the people there and I had fun asking questions about the seals there.


So I went home and had some pork for dinner then went to bed early. I feel good that I can do these things with the family whenever I want and learn new things. Well that's all for now, talk later dudes!


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2017-07-27 11:52:31

you should get a reddit so you can make a subreddit and have a forum where you can post and others can post about your arts

Louisetheanimator responds:

I tried that on the animation you set up for me but it didn't work.