A few days from internet

2017-07-21 16:29:00 by Louisetheanimator

So this week I went away from my home to spend time with my grandma and had a fab time although her internet is terrible and I couldn't do my stuff properly which is why I didn't upload anything recently. Anyway I went to Nidderdale Llamas to walk a llama called Aztec who was so well behaved on the trekking and the staff were very good with me and my visual impairment so with that I was very happy. I also learned that they breed these sheep that can digest bracken! I always thought bracken couldn't be eaten because it gave you cancer which was why it over populates but apparently these sheep have no such problem. How surprising! Then me and my grandma went to town the next day and got my grandads watch fixed at the Goldsmith then came home and had fish for dinner. Now I'm on my way home and will give a warm welcome to my mum and tell her all about my time with my favorite grandma. I'm glad I only spend a few nights at my grandmas because as I said her internet is c**p and it makes me feel better about my internet at home. Well that's all for now, bye.


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