My latest working process

2017-07-17 13:28:03 by Louisetheanimator

So recently I've been painting some mythical creatures like thunderbirds, werewolves and giant spiders for my part at the Feel the Force Day convention and each time I do a painting of those things then I ask for feedback from my parents to improve them which really helps to make it better just like I did at university. ^^ Now I'm packing my stuff for when I go to my grandma's house to tomorrow which I'm really excited about as we'll be going llama treking, buying snacks and having fun as I love doing those types of things. Now I'm just relaxing and thinking for my next mythical creature to paint for my stand at Feel the Force Day and I know it's only a couple of months away until that happens so I'm excited. Anyway that's all for now see you guys later.


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