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2017-07-15 15:40:32 by Louisetheanimator

Hello everyone since so much has happened in the last few days I haven’t had time to write a blog about what’s been happening so here’s the news: I’ve recently been to London Zoo with my dad and had a fun time in eating a big lunch and some ice cream (I had triple chocolate flavor). We made sure we saw everything at the zoo and I bought myself a fridge magnet from the gift shop. When we came back we had a small dinner and relaxed for the rest of the day. Of course I remember a terrifying dream about the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror where Homer was part of Mr Burns’s experiment by putting him into a cyborg robot and he was being pushed through a pipe and crushed all the way through with blood on him and bones poking out (That nightmare is going to haunt me for a while). Mum then said after that that me and dad can go to Sunderland for one night to see a football game along with the sights and Endinburgh where we can spend two nights there and go to the zoo and see nice things too. Wow! I love this time we spend together. Also I’m going llama treking with my grandma next week where I’ll be going on a long walk for 2 hours which I look forward to. ^^ Anyway that’s all for now. Bye for now.


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2017-07-15 16:09:26

Cool :)

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