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A relaxing day

2017-06-25 09:45:32 by Louisetheanimator

Today I got up at 6:00am to do some speedpainting of a smilodon in watercolour which will shortly be uploaded to my sites for everyone to see while everyone else was sleeping then I checked my updates on Newgrounds, Facebook, Youtube (now 554 subs there), Deviantart, Tumblr & Twitter I then got up and breakfasted and everything at 9:30am. After getting ready and everthing I went back to bed until mum told me to get up around 1:30pm then I had lobster soup and now I plan to have squid for my dinner tonight as I shopped with my mum to get it at Tescos the other day. I’m hoping to be in the mood to paint something good again (possibly fan art or landscapes) but that remains to be seen as I need to hunt for some new fans to follow me or subscribe. I think watching other people paint great stuff helps a lot to keep me interested so I’ll keep that in mind for future then I can show you guys what my skills prove after that. I’ve asked my dad about getting myself out there as an artist and animator but working from home by linking him to sites in an email that include personalising greeting cards, magazine advertising and things like that. I mean I can’t ask Simon my friend to set up my business (like he promised) as he is too busy with everything in his life which mum has to tell dad about as he doesn’t get it yet. I mean it’s like a crane game where you only get things by chance whether you get the toy or not. I also plan to talk to dad about getting some expensive art and animation equipment that is nessesary for my work now that I’ve saved up my money for those things.. So that’s all for now I’ll be doing my updates now. Talk later.

So today me and my mum went to the shop in town to buy a box to store my clay characters from my animations in so I can make my watercolour timelapses without them being in the way. I've drunk some coffee to keep me awake which seemed to work but because I ate the wrong stuff for lunch without anything healthy to keep it under control I had a bit of a chrones attack so I took some pain killers that worked (thank goodness...) as I don't want a repeat of another stressed mind like yesterday I took an anti-depresense to stop being agitated because of my medication not working for my autism because of it going through me with the chrones attack happening. Then I had an email from the University of Lincoln about one of my grades which is Module Grade & Feedback and the mark is 56/100! Woppee!! XD So now I have to wait until either 8th July or the 7th August for the rest of the grades to be reviewed. *shaking with fear*. Now my mum has gone out somewhere that I have no idea where which is typical as I need to tell her the big news of my recent grade but I did tell my dad while he was having a bath and he seems please as I expected. ^^ I hope me and mum can move her stuff of the conservantry work bench as soon as she comes back from whatever she's doing because I'm getting a tad impatient with it. It's good my dad's back from his holiday as I've missed him very much. So that's about it now I'm going to plan my next timelapse. Talk to you later guys!

So yesterday my dad gave me a GPS stand-like thing for when I do my claymation using my Kindle Fire, which has the app Lapse It on it, so I can film my latest animations with it because at the moment I'm uploading my old stuff to my sites that are good enough for people to watch. So now I need to move mum's stuff off the work bench in the conservantry that is going to be my set for filming that mum's going to help me move on Saturday hopefully and once I've done that and the weather's cooled down I can start filming!  ^^ What I'm doing today is making banana bread and then go to buy a box with my mum to store my characters from the Sealion episodes I've created a while ago that I'll be filming again so I can still do my timelapses on my art desk in the mornings of the weekend from 6:00am - 9:30am because those plasticine characters are on my art desk and in the way at the moment. So that's the plan for me and I hope you guys like it because I do. XD Talk later!

My first trophy!

2017-06-19 02:35:15 by Louisetheanimator

Hello everyone! guess what? I won the fourth place trophy for my animation "Dinner Time"! XD I can't believe that happened! I'm so please with myself I mean I know it's not first place or even third place but it's still a trophy at the end of the day so I'm happy nonetheless. ^^ I'll keep this up guys and maybe, just maybe, I might win at a higher level. Thanks very much for your support guys. Until next time then!

Hey everyone! I decided to get my dad to help me find my old animations I did since I was still at school and he found them for me! So what I've done now is edit them by adding voices, sound effects and music to them and now I can upload them to my sites! I was so upset thinking I might of lost them because of not realising how important they are to me as I wanted before to get rid of them as I didn't care for them but I know now that they are just as important as my newer animations. So if you guys like claymation and cartoons please come check them out here, DeviantArt or on my Youtube! ^^ Talk to you guys later!

I'm going to post some traditional art things

2017-05-31 12:45:59 by Louisetheanimator

Hello everyone, I've decided to start doing traditional art like watercolour painting and sculpturing so you guys can see my skills in that media and not just digital art. ^^ Once I've practiced enough to get my watercolour and sculpturing look as good as my digital art I'll start uploading them here because I only want my best work here so look out for those forms of media. See you guys later. *Gets back to work*

Hey everyone, because I realised what Patreon is about I've decided to deactivate my account there by contacting them. It will take up to 3 weeks but I know I'll have other things on my mind to keep me busy. So if you wonder why I don't use that website then this is why. That's all for now. Talk to you guys later!

I leveled up!

2017-05-26 17:15:49 by Louisetheanimator

Hey guess what guys? I leveled up! I found out that by voting movies on this site gets me more points to do so. I'm getting the hang of this website but I'll keep learning as I go. BTW I hope you guys like fantasy art because I'll be uploading those at the moment. ^^ Talk to you later! :)

I've been scouted!

2017-05-08 02:09:07 by Louisetheanimator

Hey, guess what everyone? I've been scouted! I can't believe it happened when I've been here only for a few months! I want to say thank you to the person who scouted me as I've been waiting for this moment. Now I can get more noticed with my artwork and make new friends as I go. The person who scouted me seemed the right person for accepting the scouting because I think she/he was some kind of security person so I thought I'd do it as I checked the person's profile and everything before I considered the scouting invitation. Anyway thank you guys for paying attention to me, talk later! ^^

Hi guys, I just want to say that I'm really into painting prehistoric creatures and things relevant to them like tar pits and amber. It is part of my interests that change over time and it is good to do something that keeps me occupied.

If any of you guys like that sort of thing you can keep up to date with my new post that I'll try to post everyday. I hope this will last because I need to practive my skills and it will get me learning more about one of my favorte subjects but be aware that not all the facts I say in the description of my artwork is accurate so don't take my word as the gospel truth mind.

Until next time! ^^