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My new plan

2017-08-16 10:55:26 by Louisetheanimator

I've been planning my new stop motion animation by linking the equipments I'll be needing for my set like the camera, software and laptop to my dad so he'll be looking at the cheapest options to settle with then I can start doing my stop motion again like I used to. I've also planned every Wednesday to have pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup which I'm excited about now that my chrones disease is more under control.


So now I've just been to Sackwell Farm to make friends with the animals as the sheep were quite social but the pigs smelt fowl still I enjoyed myself. I'm relaxing now and admiring my new Ranking Status which is now Safety Patrol. ^^ I hope you guys liked my Sazae-oni speedpaint as I've worked hard on that artwork. Well bye for now mates.

Hello everyone, so sorry for the inconveniance but I had to get rid of my Twitter & Tumblr account because I'm not as enthusiastic about those two sites as I am with DeviantArt, Newgrounds, Youtube, Facebook & possibly ArtStation. I think it's because I'm into animation & art along with having a decent group of fans to interact with in those websites that are good at displaying those two things. I find Twitter too into retweeting rubbish or good news along with tweets I don't understand & Tumblr isn't getting me anywhere with what I want as it's not getting me enough fans or people to talk to about my stuff. I hope you guys understand that I had to do that as part of how my career goes.
Also it's not been the happiest of days as my parents started this morning with a disagreement then I later felt that when everyone else isn't happy then nor am I. *looks down sadly* Anyway I'm trying to look forward to tomorrow when I have my homemade pizza and I go to see the new movie Emoji with my mum at lunch time which looks good. ^^ Bye for now then mates.

My day been good

2017-07-30 13:53:07 by Louisetheanimator

So I've been to the Gym  with my mum and did 30 minutes walking and 10 minutes swimming and had a little rest for 2 hours afterwards and when I woke I've been working on my ArtStation account here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/louisetheanimator if you guys have an account over there you can check me out on that link. After that for dinner I had a honey sandwich and Coco Pops as I forgot to have that for Wednesday when me and dad get back from seeing The Lion King show in London. Typical... Anyway I've been happy with everything so I'll keep you guys happy for as long as I can with my animations and art so you can always see me active here. ^^ Well that's all for now. bye then!

Things are brilliant!

2017-07-29 04:15:12 by Louisetheanimator

So the other day I got 2nd place for daily feature for my showreel of 2017 the other day at Newgrounds and now I've leveled up in ranking too so now I'm ranked as a scout! Woohoo! I feel so pleased that I'm helping the community here on my favorite website by deciding which videos are appropriate or not and it makes me feel good instead of playing games which are mostly pointless. ^^ Anyway I heard the other day that the software Adobe Flash is becoming obsolete. I probably need to result to using Toon Boom Harmony instead because of how I work in 2D. Not very convenient is it? Anyway that's all for now because me and dad are going to see a football match in his home town Sunderland. Bye for now then.

I went to the beach!

2017-07-26 15:03:55 by Louisetheanimator

So I went to the beach with my parents, my mum's dog Lily and some friends of ours where me dad and mum looked at the caravan park in Hunstanton. It looked absolutely amazing! I loved the look of the whole place where you can go swimming, gym, resturant and lounge. After that some of us had ice cream and went to the Sea Life Centre where we touched crabs, starfish and bearded dragons we learned lots from the people there and I had fun asking questions about the seals there.


So I went home and had some pork for dinner then went to bed early. I feel good that I can do these things with the family whenever I want and learn new things. Well that's all for now, talk later dudes!

So this week I went away from my home to spend time with my grandma and had a fab time although her internet is terrible and I couldn't do my stuff properly which is why I didn't upload anything recently. Anyway I went to Nidderdale Llamas to walk a llama called Aztec who was so well behaved on the trekking and the staff were very good with me and my visual impairment so with that I was very happy. I also learned that they breed these sheep that can digest bracken! I always thought bracken couldn't be eaten because it gave you cancer which was why it over populates but apparently these sheep have no such problem. How surprising! Then me and my grandma went to town the next day and got my grandads watch fixed at the Goldsmith then came home and had fish for dinner. Now I'm on my way home and will give a warm welcome to my mum and tell her all about my time with my favorite grandma. I'm glad I only spend a few nights at my grandmas because as I said her internet is c**p and it makes me feel better about my internet at home. Well that's all for now, bye.

So recently I've been painting some mythical creatures like thunderbirds, werewolves and giant spiders for my part at the Feel the Force Day convention and each time I do a painting of those things then I ask for feedback from my parents to improve them which really helps to make it better just like I did at university. ^^ Now I'm packing my stuff for when I go to my grandma's house to tomorrow which I'm really excited about as we'll be going llama treking, buying snacks and having fun as I love doing those types of things. Now I'm just relaxing and thinking for my next mythical creature to paint for my stand at Feel the Force Day and I know it's only a couple of months away until that happens so I'm excited. Anyway that's all for now see you guys later.

Sorry for the wait

2017-07-15 15:40:32 by Louisetheanimator

Hello everyone since so much has happened in the last few days I haven’t had time to write a blog about what’s been happening so here’s the news: I’ve recently been to London Zoo with my dad and had a fun time in eating a big lunch and some ice cream (I had triple chocolate flavor). We made sure we saw everything at the zoo and I bought myself a fridge magnet from the gift shop. When we came back we had a small dinner and relaxed for the rest of the day. Of course I remember a terrifying dream about the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror where Homer was part of Mr Burns’s experiment by putting him into a cyborg robot and he was being pushed through a pipe and crushed all the way through with blood on him and bones poking out (That nightmare is going to haunt me for a while). Mum then said after that that me and dad can go to Sunderland for one night to see a football game along with the sights and Endinburgh where we can spend two nights there and go to the zoo and see nice things too. Wow! I love this time we spend together. Also I’m going llama treking with my grandma next week where I’ll be going on a long walk for 2 hours which I look forward to. ^^ Anyway that’s all for now. Bye for now.

I've been into Blender

2017-07-09 11:15:15 by Louisetheanimator

So recently I've been getting rid of my Maya software (computer animation software) after I tried to export my sequences that I did with my university but found I couldn't stop the rendered images looking too dark so gave up and decided to download Blender instead which is a free CGI software that can do tons of stuff too. It's actually very handy as I can learn a CGI software even after my university course which is why it makes sense to delete Maya as I'm no longer a student there anymore. When I've learned a few things on it I'm hoping to create a sequence with 2D characters from Adobe Flash and do any object that might be too hard to draw frame by frame in Blender which ought to be fun. I'm just hoping I can do that. I also bought a lazyarm (a stand attached to my desk that holds my phone from above) to support my phone when I do timelapses so when you see them now and they look different it's because of my lazyarm that I now have. I'm having some difficulties with Blender but it's all a working progress of learning and I'll get the hang of it with a little practice. In the near future you'll see my finished things I've made using Blender and I'm sure you guys'll be well impressed with them. ^^ So bye for now then until next time.

So I got up and had breakfast and then got ready with my mum to see the movie I’ve been looking forward to seeing all year: Despicable Me 3! I’ve loved every bit of it as I find the minions so funny in the film series. When me and mum watched it and came home we had some popcorn left over which we saved for another time. After that I had some snacks and coffee but because I was ill I had to rest until tea time I had hot dogs which were nice. What made me happy today was leveling up on Newgrounds with ranking which means you can decide by rating a film or game if they should stay on the site or not and depending on how many are rejected or get to stay there gives the enough points to get to the next ranking level I’m on level 1 town watch at the moment. Yipee! Also I’m close to recieving 600 subscribers. So if you like my animations and art you can help me reach my 600 subs by hitting the subscribe button there and you’ll see my new videos there every Thursday at 3:00pm. Here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/user/79Loui... you guys must let me know if you subscribe because that would really help me. It would be much appreciated if you guys could do that for me. Anyway I’ve been into painting cars at the moment as well as other things like fantasy, prehistory, fan art, animals and landscapes which is weird as that never interested me before. *shrugs* So that’s all I can tell for now I’ll keep you guys posted for any other news. Bye for now.