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My weekly videos on Youtube 12/10/2017

2017-10-13 07:58:37 by Louisetheanimator

Here are the new videos I've uploaded on Youtube this week! Come check them out and make sure you hit the subscribe button for more content. ^^

Sealion & Friends Ep 08 Sealion Makes Pancakes:


Sealion & Friends Ep 09 Sealion Plays:


Sealion & Friends Ep 10 Sealion & the Treasure Hunt:


Sealion & Friends Ep 11 Sealion's Birthday:


The Mighty Beast - Speedpaint:


Narbus - the Desert of Fire:


Hey guys, I've decided that because I need to catch up with uploading my old stuff on the web like my animations & artwork that should of been there a while ago that I'd do some harder-than-ever studying without so much uploading new things to my sites as that'll come later by the 12th October 2017 when I've studied what I wanted and come up with my new and improved ideas which'll be good. ^^ I hope you guys understand that because I don't like the idea of showing you lot my old stuff when I could be showing you my new things that are much better. Well bye for now then.

I've graduated!

2017-09-13 10:45:41 by Louisetheanimator

Guess what guys? on Tuesday 5th I finally got my degree in animation! It all went well, I met up with my old friends again and I followed what everyone else was doing in the ceremony though it was pretty boring for most of it but it was interesting when I went up on stage, shook hands with the people and collected my degree while my parents filmed me. Mum was in tears because she worked hard to get me at that point where I could be awarded by the University and everything and I feel pleased with myself for working so hard and now that that's over and done with I now feel more driven than ever to learn as much about animation as possible to get better at it all the time.


It's really quite good because I choose whether I want to read an animation/art book, watch an important film/animation or learn and copy what to do with my artwork/animation on the web like Youtube because Draw with Jazza is a really good teacher for me in that area. So I'm all set up with my claymation stuff, now that my software DragonFrame is working thanks to my wonderful dad, with the exception of the props arriving in the post so in the near future you'll see my newer claymation stuff so keep an eye out for that. ^^ Well that's all for now so talk later!

Hello everyone! I just want to say I'm very close to reaching 700 subs on my Youtube channel so if you like animations and artwork in timelapses that is quite good please check my channel out here: www.youtube.com/79louise and hit that subscribe button if you please. ^^ Also let me know when you've subscribe as that would help, and it would be good if you told me if you are my 700th sub too. That'll be all thanks.

Here are a few examples of my videos I create:







My new techniques

2017-09-02 02:18:20 by Louisetheanimator

So while I've been at my grandma's house I've had tons of different ideas for my new techniques with animations that I plan to do. I've learned to do a handwritten title effect, fish eye lens, shattering images, telephone voices and lots of other things all done on After Effects and Premiere Pro which I'm quite pleased with and will show in my future animations. I remember some of the effects they did in animes like Yugioh, Pokémon and Digimon that I found interesting like duel monsters shattering when they've been defeated in battle or voices that sound like they're on the telephone that I've heard in other shows. Anyway I've also done a cut out animation based on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytpL5uiTYho which really helped in an animation I worked on though I won't show in on Newgrounds as I'm worried it'll get removed because of how short and simple it is. Still, it's a start. Well bye for now! ^^

So today I had a bad start with a bad dream then I did some work with my dad on getting my stop motion stuff by buying a laptop and a Canon camera with the money I've been saving up. When I get the equipment in the post we're going to download the software trial of Dragonframe for 30 days then when I've done my test pieces with it and got the hang of it all we'll buy the software so I can start filming it properly. ^^ I'm really excited about it because I know what I can do with the special effects and everything like snow, fading in and out, zooming, etc so I'm quite happy about it all. So after that I went to see my friend Debbie in town where we looked in some shops and said hello to her cats Sniper, Sally and Lettie who are real sweet little tinkers. When I came home I had cooked breakfast for dinner and spent some of the day making my clay models. I hope you guys still like stop motion or claymation because that'll be my plan for my newer animations as well as my cartoons and timelapses. Well that's all for now. Bye then.


Another good day

2017-08-17 10:25:55 by Louisetheanimator

So today I've had three pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and had a little rest afterwards but forgot to have lunch. I guess I was too tired for that to care. I'm now doing my updates and everything but now what's happening is I'm getting 1 or 2 new subscribers each day which seems odd as I used to get less than that still I must be doing something right to make it happen. ^^ I'm quite pleased also with Newgrounds too as my fans keep coming along with my uploads that I show to everyone and what's more I've never had anyone blam my work yet and I've been on Newgrounds since January so I feel great about that too so thanks everyone! Well that's all for now bye.

My new plan

2017-08-16 10:55:26 by Louisetheanimator

I've been planning my new stop motion animation by linking the equipments I'll be needing for my set like the camera, software and laptop to my dad so he'll be looking at the cheapest options to settle with then I can start doing my stop motion again like I used to. I've also planned every Wednesday to have pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup which I'm excited about now that my chrones disease is more under control.


So now I've just been to Sackwell Farm to make friends with the animals as the sheep were quite social but the pigs smelt fowl still I enjoyed myself. I'm relaxing now and admiring my new Ranking Status which is now Safety Patrol. ^^ I hope you guys liked my Sazae-oni speedpaint as I've worked hard on that artwork. Well bye for now mates.

Hello everyone, so sorry for the inconveniance but I had to get rid of my Twitter & Tumblr account because I'm not as enthusiastic about those two sites as I am with DeviantArt, Newgrounds, Youtube, Facebook & possibly ArtStation. I think it's because I'm into animation & art along with having a decent group of fans to interact with in those websites that are good at displaying those two things. I find Twitter too into retweeting rubbish or good news along with tweets I don't understand & Tumblr isn't getting me anywhere with what I want as it's not getting me enough fans or people to talk to about my stuff. I hope you guys understand that I had to do that as part of how my career goes.
Also it's not been the happiest of days as my parents started this morning with a disagreement then I later felt that when everyone else isn't happy then nor am I. *looks down sadly* Anyway I'm trying to look forward to tomorrow when I have my homemade pizza and I go to see the new movie Emoji with my mum at lunch time which looks good. ^^ Bye for now then mates.

My day been good

2017-07-30 13:53:07 by Louisetheanimator

So I've been to the Gym  with my mum and did 30 minutes walking and 10 minutes swimming and had a little rest for 2 hours afterwards and when I woke I've been working on my ArtStation account here: https://www.artstation.com/artist/louisetheanimator if you guys have an account over there you can check me out on that link. After that for dinner I had a honey sandwich and Coco Pops as I forgot to have that for Wednesday when me and dad get back from seeing The Lion King show in London. Typical... Anyway I've been happy with everything so I'll keep you guys happy for as long as I can with my animations and art so you can always see me active here. ^^ Well that's all for now. bye then!