Saturn - Speedpaint Saturn - Speedpaint Rated Stars A timelapse of the planet Saturn process Experimental Claw's Transformations Claw's Transformations Rated Stars Claw finds a crystal ball with magical powers Drama Dragon Transformation 2 Dragon Transformation 2 Rated Stars A girl becomes a dragon Experimental Chimera & Basilisk Chimera & Basilisk Rated Stars A chimera and basilisk are defeated by a hero Drama Rockstar Dinosaur Rockstar Dinosaur Rated Stars A dinosaur does his routine in his home Experimental Dinner Time Dinner Time Rated Stars Two Egyptian pets get a little peckish Comedy - Original Prolybitherium - Speedpaint Prolybitherium - Speedpaint Rated Stars A timelaspe of the extinct giraffe species Experimental The Horntail & Fireball The Horntail & Fireball Rated Stars Two dragons come to life in claymation Drama Unicorn Hunt Unicorn Hunt Rated Stars A mother unicorn gets taken away Drama Smilodon - Speedpaint Smilodon - Speedpaint Rated Stars A timelapse of a smilodon painting Experimental Thylacine - Speedpaint Thylacine - Speedpaint Rated Stars A timelapse of a thylacine speedpaint Experimental Dwarf Elephant - Speedpaint Dwarf Elephant - Speedpaint Rated Stars A dwarf elephant speedpaint on Photoshop Experimental Old Horse Racing on TV Old Horse Racing on TV Rated Stars A horse racing TV show is on. Experimental Donkey Transformation 2 Donkey Transformation 2 Rated Stars A group of boys become donkeys Comedy - Original Sealion & Robbie Making Friends Sealion & Robbie Making Friends Rated Stars Sealion & Robbie make friends after supper Experimental Wolf Transformation Wolf Transformation Rated Stars A man turns into a wolf. Experimental Pony Transformation Pony Transformation Rated Stars A county girl turns into a pony Experimental Saber-Tooth Cat Transformation Saber-Tooth Cat Transformation Rated Stars A cave girl turns into a smilodon Experimental Sealion's Ice Cream Sealion's Ice Cream Rated Stars Sealion & Leopardseal need ice cream Experimental Morph's Magic Show Morph's Magic Show Rated Stars Morph changes Chas into many different things Comedy - Original Pegasus Transormation Pegasus Transormation Rated Stars A young man is transformed into a winged horse. Other